Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1975, 2020

When my Jesus comes to all Christendom
Sin will be overcome: Jesus' Millenium

When my Jesus cries, Life He typifies
And He prophesied to come down from the skies

With His Love He's overcome
And He knows what we have done

When my Jesus feels, broken hearts He heals
Judgement trumpets peal: eve'ry sinner kneels

When my Jesus prays, eyes will surely raise
And all men will gaze on tribulation days

I've been saved by His shed blood
He has raised me from sin's flood

When my Jesus rules, sinners will be the fools
They thought to ridicule every Christian who'll

Give him everything (When my Jesus sings)
For they know he brings freedom from suffering

I praise God I've been set free
And I've life eternally