Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1970, 2020

When our starships landed
People fled our spheres
Scared by some archaic
Superstitious fears
But, we held our hands out
Offered them our love
Still they kept their distance
Watching us above

When our starships landed
Panic seemed to reign
Troops rushed out to meet us
War we did disdain
Till they fired on us
Showed we, then, our force
Wiped them out completely
We'd no other recourse

When our starships landed
Tried we then to speak
But, the people spurned us
Things seemed ever bleak
Then, someone approached us
Just a little girl
Mankind offered welcome
But, we left that world

When our starships landed
People first turned away
Till a little girlchild
Showed them another way
Maybe someday later
We'll return once more
Maybe, then, the human race
Will open up its door