Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1970, 2020

Brothers, why was I born

You were born to live a godly life
You were born to end the worldly strife
For in your brain is knowledge of his love
And in your brain is heaven above

You were born to save the world from sin
You were born to let the god-life in
For in your brain is knowledge of his good
And in your brain is love understood

Brothers, is that why I was born
Then why are the peoples of the world
Torn between each other
And who am I

There is strife between the tribes of Man
You must understand everything you can
For you, my son, are the one they've waited for
And in your love is peace forevermore

Brothers, now I understand
And I'll try to give a helping hand
Because, you know I love them all so