Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1967, 2020

It's a wonderful night for a walk in the park with you
Where the shimmering sea is reflecting the light of the moon
I know my love is sure, I know my heart is pure

It's a wonderful night as we walk hand-in-hand all along
When the nightingale's tune echos through the dark trees and its song
Recalls the pleasant times when all was so sublime

It's a wonderful night as the day dawns so bright on the rise
And a beautiful scene when I see love's bright gleam in your eyes
You're mine forevermore, I know your love is sure

It's a wonderful night when the stars up above shine so bright
Such a beautiful time when your hair shines like gold in the light
I think of chastity, and love's sweet purity

It's a wonderful night as we kiss our goodbyes and depart
And I know I'm alive when I know that I'm still in your heart
Where I'll stay every day, where all my dreams are played