Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1976, 2020

Once you have experienced Jesus
You will never forget
All the peace He brings to you
And the love He begets
Once you have Him in your heart
Every care will go
Once you have His precious love
Life is sure, you'll know

Once you give your heart to Jesus
You will never forget
How He changed your life completely
And the Christians you met
Once you let Him take control
Things will work out fine
Once you let His love within
How your face will shine

Once you understand the Master
You will never forget
How He died to free your sin-life
From the worldly net
Once you let Him in your soul
He'll forgive your sin
Once you ask Him for his love
Your new life begins

Once you take the Master's hands, yeah
You will never forget
Th'inner peace that sweeps o'er you
Just ask, and you will get
Once you lose your selfish pride
To His mighty power
Once again, you'll feel Him there
With you every hour