Over the years, I've always had an interest in fantasy, fashion, and photography. Several times, I toyed with the idea of setting up some sort of business revolving around these three interests, but for some reason it never came about--and today, cosplay photos abound. But, I did get an opportunity to photography many women--some of the names of whom I have unforgiveably forgotten, but for whom I'm grateful they agreed to pose for me:--

1968 Unknown

1968 Peggy

1968 Debbie

1970 Unknown

1971 Dorothy

1971 Mary Ann

1972? Beverly

1987 Denice

1987 Michelle

1987 Nicole

1988 Jenneke

1991 Sonja

1992 Cassandra

1995 Nicky

1996 Judith

1996 Terryl

1997 Fabienne

1997 Kelly

1997 Sheri

199? Bronwen




198- Trends Fashion Shoot