A Novel of Historical Fantasy

First came the introductory scroll, Wizard of Vasuda.
And now, the second scroll from The Scrolls of Solomon Magus:-

When a princess from the Southern Kingdoms helps him escape the Naga assassins, Solomon Magus eventually travels to Mizraim. There he is tasked with transporting a pharaoh's daughter to Kondwani where he must exchange her for the daughter of a King Thulani, and then return to Mizraim with her. As the pharaoh explains, "... if either King Thulani or I break the peace treaty between us, then the daughter of whoever broke it will be the first to die." Solomon deems this a little bizarre. Nevertheless, with the aid of a barbarian and a healer, he sets off on his mission. Of course, not surprisingly, it will prove to be no easy undertaking...

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