RENDEZVOUS and Other Writings

Written by Frank Woodhead
Edited by Michael Woodhead

After serving in the British Army in India and Burma during World War II, and later in the Royal Canadian Air Force on various bases, my dad, Frank Woodhead, used these and other experiences in his life to write a memoir (The Road to Mandalay), as well as other writings. This book contains some of those that I've been able to locate and bring together in one place.

Dad took a few writing classes, but it's obvious he wasn't consciously aware of various 'rules and regulations' regarding the written word. As he confessed to one magazine editor who still offered to buy a story:- "I am a beginner at this creative writing but have always had the urge to play with words." In many cases, his submissions were rejected because they were "not up to our standard". Nevertheless, he still told some fascinating tales, and I'm glad to be able to share some of them in this book and, from the looks of other writing I've found, a second volume will be forthcoming, as well.

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