A Novel of Historical Fantasy

Those of Us About to Die is an epic-styled novel that follows the life of: -

JURISSA. An Amazon warrior woman who ignores the laws of her tribe and attempts to join her lover who's been sold as a slave to a gladiator school. Once in the school, however, Jurissa realizes she is bound by oath to remain for at least three years, during which time she can win her freedom or die in the attempt.

This historical fantasy novel also weaves Jurissa's story with those of several other characters: -

NERO. Even though he's the emperor of Rome, he's more interested in hedonistic pursuits, as well as developing and showcasing his musical and poetic abilities, than he is in governing the Empire.

GWENYDD. The daughter of the Eceni Queen, Boudicca, she's sent to a chariot racing school from which she plans to win her freedom.

LEI LING. She's a slave girl who flees her master's villa, only to find herself training as a beast hunter for the arenas of Rome.

KHUSHI. Originally a guard for an Indian ruler, she becomes known as 'Achillia', another popular gladiator in the amphitheatres of the Roman Empire.

SAUL. Once a hated Pharisee determined to arrest the followers of the Way, he becomes an Apostle of God.

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