Two Charismatic Christian One-Act Plays

A Rose in the Garden
A Contemporary Drama for Older Teens
In The Maid and the Minstrel coffee house, social worker Pandora tries to help those in need while endeavoring to keep a secret between herself and God. During the play, she counsels, listens to, and cares for a variety of patrons who drop in for shelter, help, and companionship. Eventually, she reveals her secret, while others struggle to make difficult, life-changing decisions.
[3f, 4m, 1 singer / Approx. 30 minutes)

Till the Last Man Falls
An Adult Science Fiction Drama
In the near future, a group of CiviLib (Civilian Liberation) members take shelter from other warring factions. Unfortunately, there is also dissension in their own ranks, a fact which becomes all the more noticeable when a member of another group is captured and brought in.
[3f, 3m / Approx. 30 minutes)

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