A Heroic Fantasy Screenplay

Brynnhilda, a Valkyrie; Brokk, a mischievous dwarf; and Siegfried, a libidinous barbarian embark on a quest to throw a destructive magical ring into a bottomless pit.Would that it were that easy! Fleeing and fighting an evil sorceress intent on getting the ring for her own nefarious purposes; disobeying the commands of Brynnhilda's father, Odinn--facing numerous other assorted evil entities and natural obstacles--the three unlikely companions resolve to complete the quest come hell or high water.And that might very well be the case. Their journey takes them to an ultimate battle--a savage dragon leading an army of undead creatures against a coterie of Valkyries and a host of warriors from Valhalla. Along the way, the trio experience friendship, insight into each other's lives and, perhaps, even love.

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