A Retrospective Of Works
By Dac Crowell

Dac Crowell
Suilven Recordings

Electronic fans of Morton Subotnik, Gyorgy Ligeti, and John Cage (remember them?) are sure to appreciate these contemporary works of Dac Crowell.

This two-disc set contains six compositions that Dac has created over the past twenty-odd years, influenced as he was by industrial, minimalist, and ambient music sources.

Disc 1 contains Untitled, a live concert recorded on 'Something Else' at Chicago's WLUW radio in 2000; The Dark Corridor (1995); and Ahnomia (1989), performed by Dac with Jim irwin as a group known as LVXUS.

Disc 2 contains Rising Invocations (1983), Rhapsodic (1994), and November Light (2004).

Overall, Dac has put together some very moving (i.e. flowing soundscapes) pieces of work, some more enjoyable than others. Ahnomia is quite enthralling as sounds build upon sounds, chords upon chords, like an electronic river), but all keenly crafted and realized. I can appreciate the amount of work involved in creating such electronic pieces--finding the right 'sound', the appropriate 'beat', and the manner in which to present them.

In many ways, Dac is a worthy successor to the early masters of musique concrète and yet, these works are still timeless.