(Many of these reviews previously appeared in Calgary's Synchronicity Magazine and/or on the Wind and Wire website; Lux Aeterna website; or my own Minstrel's Harp website)

My approach to [New Age Music]

2002 - The Emerald Way
2002 - This Moment Now
Achillea - The Nine Worlds
Adiemus & Karl Jenkins - Adiemus IV: The Eternal Knot
Aeoliah - J'Adore
Aeoliah - Majesty
Aes Dana - Aftermath
Aes Dana - Season 5
Ahn Trio - Lullaby For My Favorite Insomniac
Ah Ne Mah - The Grand Circle
Alberto Hauss - La Tienda: Mediterranean Ambiance
Alberto Hauss - Terra Del Sol: Selection Three
Al Conti - Scheherazade
Al Gromer Khan - Monsoon Point
Alicia Bessette - Reservoir
Amethystium - Autumn Interlude
Anael - Spiritual Beings On a Human Journey
Andreas Vollenweider - Book of Roses
ANewDay - Summer Reflections
Ann Licater - Following the Call
Anne Trenning - Watching for Rain
Anugama - Tantra
AOMusic - Twirl
Arturo Stalteri - Child of the Moon
Arturo Stalteri - Rings
Auburn J Druid - The Shamanic Power Animal Journey
Back to Earth - Kairos: The Spirit of Time
Baka Beyond - Journey Between
Ben Leinbach - The Spirit of Yoga
Bernward Koch - Walking Through Clouds
Betsy Foster - A Dream Come True
Bhakta - Open Transmission
Bill Douglas - Deep Peace
Blackmore's Night - Under a Violet Moon
Brian Carter - Living In Harmony
Brian Stephen Kelly - Afterplay
Brulé - Star People
Buedi Siebert - Wave Hands Like Clouds
Calvin L Coolidge II - Club Tiaj
Calvin L Coolidge II - Seconds
Caprice - Elven Music 2: The Evening of Iluvatar's Children
Caprice - Elven Music 3: Tales of the Uninvited
Charles Vald -Breath of Time II
Chasm - Bamboo Blue
Chasm - Panorhythmica
Chinmaya Dunster - Sacred Temples of India
Chinmaya Dunster - Yoga On Sacred Ground
Christy Cook - Trillium Rising
Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind VII: Reflection
Chuck Wild - Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep
Chuck Wild - Relax
Christopher Boscole - Presents of Angels
Clifford White - An Island Called Paradise
Composure - Best of Composure
Constance Demby - Sanctum Sanctorum
Craig Chaquico - Acoustic Highway
Cusco - Apurimac III
Cusco - Inner Journeys: Myths & Legends
Cybertribe - Dharma Café
Cybertribe - Eons of Dignity
Cybertribe - Immortality
Cybertribe - Time Travel
DAC Crowell - 04-83
Daemonia Nymphe - The Bacchic Dance of the Nymphs
Dagda - Sleeping With the Gods of Love / Underworld
Daniel Otsuka - Reiki: Healing Touch
David & Steve Gordon - Drum Medicine
David & Steve Gordon - Garden of Serenity
David Abramsky - A World of Good
David Arkenstone - The Celtic Book of Days
David Darling - Cello Blue
David Phillips - Kingswood
David Wahler - Antiquus
David Young - Beyond Celestial Winds
Deben Bhattacharya - Religious Chants from India
Dechen Shak-Dagsay - Compassion
Dechen Shak-Dagsay - Dewa Che
Dechen Shak-Dagsay - Shi De
Deuter - Buddha Nature
Deuter - Earth Blue
Deuter - Like the Wind In the Trees
Deuter - Sea & Silence
Deva Primal - The Essence
Dorothy Bishop - Cello Dreams
Drum Brothers - Power of Rhythm
Emerald Web - Valley of the Birds
Emmanuel Lopez - Rain of Angels
Enaid - Avalon
Enam - m'Anchelii
Enam - Purple and Gold
Epica - Consign to Oblivion
Eri Sugai - Mai
Fiona Joy Hawkins - Ice
Freud - Journey
Freud - Time Passengers
Galactic Agents - Human Contact
Galalisa Star - Euphoria: Heaven on Earth
Galalisa Star - Galalisa Star
Gandalf - Colors Of a New Dawn
Gandalf - Into the Light
Gandalf - Sacred River
Ganga Giri - Tribe Vibe
Gary Stadler - Fairy Heart Magic
Harvey Summers - Reiki: Invisible Healing
Herb Ernst - The Dreamflight Trilogy
Ian Melrose - A Scottish Legacy
Infamis - Upiór: Qualis Rex, Talis Grex
Jamie Craig - The Lost Dream
James Asher & Sivamani - Drums On Fire
James Asher - Lotus Path
James Asher - Shaman Drums
James Johnson - Minimum
Jane Siberry - Shushan the Palace
Jasmin Poon - Jasmin's Spiral Travel
Jeff Oster - At Last
Jeff Stockton - Sacred Ground
Joanne Shenandoah - Covenant
John Kerr - Symphonic Voices
John Serrie - Lumia Nights
Juliet Lyons - My Siren Song
Kamal - Quiet Earth
Kargo - Dreams of Marrakesh
Karunesh - Call of the Mystic
Kathleen Swann & Ken Kaufman - Seasons of Serenity
Ken Kaufman - Beautiful In My Eyes
Kevin Kern - Imagination's Light
Kevin Kern - Winding Path
Kori Lynn Carothers - Trillium
Lesiem - Mystic Spirit Voices
Lex Van Someren - Om
Libana - Night Passage
Lisa Hilton - Twilight & Blues
Lisa Lynne (with George Tortorelli) - Love & Peace
Lisa Lynne - Maiden's Prayer
Little Wolf - Prayer to the Mystery
Llewellyn - Journey to the Angels
Llewellyn - Mysts of Avalon
Louisa John-Krol - Argo
Louis Landon - Peace Revolution!
Louis Landon - Unwind
Mandir - Out Beyond Ideas
Manose Singh - Yoga Ragas
Marilynn Seits - Feathertouch
Marina Raye - Liquid Silk
Mark Pinkus - Breakthrough
Marshall Styler - A Face in the Clouds
Marshall Styler - Seven Falls
Mary Youngblood - Feed the Fire
Mediaeval Baebes - The Rose
Medwyn Goodall - Medicine Woman
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells 2003
Mike Rowland - Lady of the Lake
Mystic Voyage - Easter Island
NASA - Symphonies of the Planets
Nick Davis - Candescence
Nick Davis - Eclipse
Nick Davis - Tales of a Summer Past
Omkar - Shaku
On Wings of Song & Robert Gass - Songs of Healing
Padma Previ - Divine Visions
Padma Previ - Goddess Chants
Patrick Kelly - Beyond the Horizon
Paul Anthony Adams - New Beginnings
Perry Wood - Animal Healing
Peter Sterling - Sands of Time
Peter Sterling - Shadow, Mist & Light
Phil Thornton - Edge of Dreams
Pierre Lescaut - Plénitude
Randy Vild - The Journey
Ranga - Radiant Awakening
Rasa - Devotion
Rasa - Shelter
Rasa - Temple of Love
Ray Brooks - Hollow Bell
Rebecca Levant - Ani Ma'amin
Robert Haig Coxon - Cristal Silence
Ruben Romero - Native Brotherhood
Sativa - Elysian Fields
Scott August - Lost Canyons
Secret Garden - Dawn of a New Century
Shanghai Traditional Chinese Orchestra - Dragon
Sharon Carne - Cool On My Skin
Sheila Chandra - Weaving My Ancestors' Voices
Sherazade - La Loungerie
Sora - Winds of Change
Soulfood & Steve Kuether - Tranquility
Stephen Bacchus - Pangaea
Stephen Rhodes - Protected By Angels
Steve Roach - Light Fantastic
Suvarna - Fire Of the Oracle
Suzanne Ciani - Pure Romance
Tai Chi Sunrise - Pilates: Toning
Tania Rose - 43 Angels
Tanya Maier - Awakenings
Terry Oldfield - A Time for Peace
Terry Oldfield - Turning Point
The Gypsy Butterfly - Diversity...Now
The One World Drummers - Ubunto: Becoming Human
The Rosette Guitar Duo - Portage to TunnelMountain
The Star-Scape Singers - Greatest Hits
The Tunnel Singer - Sailing the Solar Wind
The Urban Tribe - Removing the Mask
Thierry David - Zen Pause
Thierry David - Zen World
Timothy Cooper - East Wind
Tim Wheater - Sound Medicine Man
Tomaz Lima - Joy
Tomaz Lima - Mantras & Bhajans
Torben Thoger - Akasha
Tulku - A Universe to Come
Tulku - Way of the Mystic
Tya - Tribal Sutras
Unto Ashes - Grave Blessings
Various - EarthDance
Various - Essence of Well-Being
Various - Essential Touch
Various - Live!
Various - Many Blessings
Various - Musical Healing
Various - Om & Other Music for Yoga and Meditation
Various - Reiki Wellness
Various - Shambhala
Various - Sounds of Spa: Holiday
Various - Spirit Lounge
Vicki Logan - The Ride
Vulcan's Child - Healing
Vyaas Houston & Mark Kelso - Songs to Shiva
Wah! - Jai Jai Jai
Waterbone - Orion Prophecy
Yanni - Ethnicity
Yogeshawar & Suresh - Ayur Veda
Zero Ohms - Ecstasis
Zero Ohms & Brannan Lane - Immense Distance
Zingaia - Dancers of Twilight