Michael Woodhead


Tania Rose
Artscope Music

As much as I enjoyed this album, I really feel that the piano is too 'harsh' an instrument for the rest of the accompanying ethereal music, and for the subject matter of the work. Perhaps a Dark Vox or a Longing (Roland XP-50 settings) would have given this a much more angelic and spacey feel to it, and create the soothing atmosphere it was meant to do.

Nonetheless, there are some beautiful tracks.

The album opens with Earth Angel, a slow moving, but theatrical and emotional piece of music that hints at the musical voyage to come. Spirits Rising and Corridor of Angels draw the listener on a musical journey through other dimensions, other places, where comfort and relaxation wait to soothe the soul and spirit after a trying day. Angel Mine offers a nice gentle rhythmic tune with some background vocal harmonies, some of which, like the final selection of the album, unfortunately seem just a touch off-key at times, and spoil a greater enjoyment of the piece. Calling is a much better blending of the elements, and certainly the most dramatic piece on the album, with angelic voices in the background and swaying piano arpeggios drawing us closer to these otherworldly beings, and then away. Soft and gentle, Inspirare ends the presentation with an uplifting hymn of inspiration and worship to the Creator of all.

Tania's previous albums include Coral Sea Dreaming, Whispers & Wishes, and Stillness, and have been used for healing, relaxation, and by those working with children, disabled people and people in rehabilitation.

Again, this is another lovely album from Tania, and well worth a listen in spite of my own personal music performance observations.

1. Earth Angel
2. Spirits Rising
3. Journey Flight
4. Corridor of Angels
5. Angel Mine
6. Calling
7. Inspirare