Milton Katselas
Phoenix Books
ISBN: 978-1-59777-592-2

What a fascinating, informative, inspirational, educational, and fun read!

You don't have to be an actor to enjoy this book, because Katselas takes you not only behind the world of acting classes, but also into the mind of the actor.

And, if you are an actor, this will be one of the best books you could read on the acting process.

Acting is more than just memorizing lines and 'pretending' to be someone else. There's a 'method to the madness', so to speak. Katselas outlines this in three ways.

ACTING - This comprises the techniques of acting: working on a role, and working on oneself. The former includes dissecting and studying the character to be played; the latter includes body, voice, and exercise work.

ATTITUDE - Attitude is everything, as the saying goes, and this is equally true for an actor. In this case, it refers to knowing what goals you want as an actor, and going for them with the proper attitude. Because, as the author writes, "A good, confident attitude will support the smallest talent or technique".

ADMINISTRATION - Technique and attitude also require an equal amount of this: "The choices you make regarding the enhancement of your career and your life, and seeing to it that you complete these choices, execute them, and get them done".

What makes this book entertaining is the fact that it isn't dry teaching. Katselas approaches the material not only as an instructor, but also as an actor and director; not only as educational matter, but also interspersed with interview and conversation pieces.

Acting Class contains an accumulation of Katsela's personal insights, teaching, and beliefs, and is an excellent resource not only for those in the film and theatre industry, but indeed, for anyone learning to cope with life.