The Eternal Knot

Karl Jenkins and Adiemus
Virgin Records

Those who enjoyed Enya's music on The Celts will probably like this presentation of predominantly up-tempo melodies from the same series. Add the exhuberance of a Riverdance performance, and that would pretty much describe this wonderful collection.

Cu Chullain starts us off with a rousing hymn. Later, we are charmed by the Palace of the Crystal Bridge, and the plaintive Hermit of the Sea Rock -- great Celtic myths set to dramatic, elegant music by Karl Jenkins and the Adiemus orchestra and vocalists.

1. Cu Chullain
2. The Eternal Knot
3. Palace Of The Crystal Bridge
4. The Wooing Of Etain
5. King Of The Sacred Grove
6. Saint Declan's Drone
7. Salm O 'Dewi Sant'
8. Connla's Well
9. The Dagda
10. Children Of Dannu
11. Ceridwen's Curse
12. Hermit Of The Sea Rock
13. Isle Of The Mystic Lake
14. Math Was A Wizard