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Marshall Styler
Styler Music

Marshall is another composer and performer who left behind a successful rock'n'roll career to further his interests in more classically-inspired music.

Rock'n'roll's loss is New Age's gain.

A Face in the Clouds is a wonderful collection of impressionistic memories that are not only relaxing to listen to, but are also filled with evocative musical images. Using digital keyboards, analog-based synthesizers, and piano, Marshall creates a wonderfully beautiful montage of striking, original compositions. I particularly enjoyed Morning Hyde Park with its musical waves of water-like sounds.

"I consider myself an impressionist, in the spirit of the French impressionist painters - Degas, Monet and Matisse. They worked with color and emotion and have a powerful elegance that I strive for in my music."

Indeed, Marshall has achieved just that.

Past albums have included Twilight Concertos; Jericho; Red River; Mockingbird; Bluefields; and Silent Night.

1. A Face in the Clouds
2. Ballerina on the Bridge
3. If I Could Do It All Again
4. A Love Like This
5. Morning Hyde Park (Austin)
6. Ballad of an Abandoned Road
7. Midnight Rain (4th and Colorado)
8. Orchards, Vineyards, and Wildflowers Waltz
9. Walking Mansfield Dam