Written by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1973, 2020

Slowly descending from blue skies above
Is an angel
An angel and a dove
Clothed in only the rays of the sun
Hovering and glancing at everyone
Then below she comes
And I succumb to her beauty
Her dazzling beauty
My limbs benumb

Softly she calls me, and I go to her
To the angel as a prisoner
Now I find that my clothes have all gone
But I think it nothing
For what comes anon
Then above I go to a blue rainbow
And her beauty
Her dazzling beauty
I soon shall know

And I stopped before her
Her arms enfolded me
All fear was gone, and shame was, too
Oh, it was blessed this feeling I knew
Her beauty was incomparable
As mine was, too
For I had changed, my body was new
I'm now an angel, and I speak to you
Let love reign amongst you
Let all wars be gone
For children of God
You all must become