David Wahler
Darius Productions

I very much love lush, orchestrated music and David Wahler certainly touches my heart with his compositions on this album.

He says it is his "musical exploration of our common heritage. Each track refers to an ancient myth, sacred love or eternal truths".

The music at once reminded me of some of the earlier artists I listened to when I first came in contact with this New Age style -- Hennie Bekker, Bruce BecVar, and others (most of whom I now only have on cassette) -- but, without a doubt, it carries me away to worlds of my imagination.

A slow and gentle introduction gradually segues to a more ethereal and uptempo tune (with an angelic voice cautioning us with "Don't be scared", and then on into various tracks reminiscent of the musical styles of different countries.

Overall, a beautiful musical journey through time and mythology endeavouring to be, for the listeners, "a compass in their own journey towards turth and wholeness".

1. Antiquus
2. Delphi Dream
3. Kyoto Mist
4. Apollo's Lyre
5. Teresa
6. Night Sky of Orion
7. Hyacinthus
8. Lune Mysterieuse
9. Angelis
10. Ancient Dawn