Nightingale Records

Tantra, for want of a better term, can be considered 'sexual mysticism' -- the joining of a man and woman not only physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to achieve total Oneness and Unity, a completeness that is already there but has not yet been realized or accepted.

Tantra, the album, contains music which has been created to help increase a couple's ability to utilize love and sex for the purposes of meditation in order to achieve this perfect ecstasy. The first selection, Tantric Day, played exclusively on a G chord, is a masculine, sexually stimulating piece. The second, Full Moon Night, is feminine and meditative.

Quite frankly, one does not have to be making love to appreciate this album.

Instrumentation: classical guitar, flamenco guitar, recorder flute, native American flute, shakuhaji flute,native American drums, keyboards and voices

1. Tantric Day
2. Full Moon Night
3. New Moon Rising (a bonus track on the re-release of the CD)