Written by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1966, 2020

They tell me I'll soon be better
That's nice...

But, I really don't know what's wrong

I've been inside this building for so very long
There are bars on the window
And the door locks on the outside

But, it really doesn't bother me

They tell me I'm sick, you see
But, I don't believe them
After all, I feel quite well
I don't feel sick
Feel swell

But, why do they strap me down when I cry

I heard them talking about me today
They said I was insane
But, that can't be true -- can it?
It seems completely inane to me

It's really funny when I think of it
They've strapped me in again, you see
All I did was start laughing
But, I'll stop pretty soon

Then, maybe I can find something to slash my wrists with...

You know, I'm getting sick of this place
Did you ever feel like that?