Jeff Oster

Although produced by Will Ackerman and features backup work by some notable New Age musicians (Philip Aaberg, for example), At Last disappointingly contains only four songs and runs a total time of just under twenty minutes.

Nevertheless, the music is quite beautiful and, along with synthesizers, guitars and drums, the sounds of the flugelhorn and trumpet have been blended into some nice mixes. Jeff is a talented composer and arranger.

Since I'm originally from England, Matt's Mood envisioned in my mind a walk along the beach in Liverpool, listening to the seaside bands who play for the gathering crowds. Rather a nostalgic tune for me.

Then it's across the world to California's Big Sur with soft, flowing strains of repetitive trumpet and horns riffs, the whole rhythm and feel reminiscent of the swelling and surging of the ocean waves.

Haleakala brings an indigenous drum rhythm and a backing female voice to create a tropical mood, enhanced by Jeff's subdued flugelhorn. Very pretty and hypnotic.

Quiet and reflective, the title tune At Last brings to a close this all-too-brief taste of some of the nicest horn and trumpet music I've heard in a long time.

"This music has been inside and a part of me ever since I started playing the trumpet at the age of eight...These songs are a beginning. After four decades of horn playing, it's about time. I love what we've created here. As you listen, imagine what's possible if you ask for what you want."

Jeff asked. The world responded.

1. Matt's Mood
2. Big Sur
3. Haleakala
4. At Last