Bettye Johnson
Living Free Press

Thoughts are things; change your thinking and you'll change your life.

This is basically what this book is about, although Bettye Johnson certainly approaches it from a different perspective. Rather than broaching the material as an affirmative speaker might do, she tackles the mystery of the mind from a laywoman's point of view.

According to Bettye, it's necessary for us to change our negative core beliefs, those credos that became embedded in us primarily in childhood, and which now manifest themselves in adulthood an various negative ways: lack of wealth, wrong thinking, mental cages, chaos, and so forth.

One chapter that really spoke to me is entitled 'The I That Is I Am', a unique and insightful look at the relationship between others and ourselves. For example, Bettye quotes from an unknown author: "When I give to others, I am giving to Myself; when I take from others, I am taking from Myself".

Ending this very interesting book are two chapters; one. a story dealing with the power of words; the other, the power of no words.

In fact, it is obvious throughout this book that the author loves Words, not only for creating stories and poems, but also to discover the esoteric and ancient and historical meanings of them so as to distill from them their true essence.

Readers familiar with channeling will recognize the occasional reference to J Z Knight and Ramtha's teachings. However, regardless of the reader's own beliefs, there is still much material here that can be applied to our daily lives.

As Bettye herself says, "If we continue on the same highway of beliefs that limit us, then these highways will lead to sickness and ultimately death".

I also understand now what she means when she remarks, "Life is a journey of discovery-the discovery of self".

And, as the ancient adage proclaims, "Man, know thyself".