Michael Woodhead


Sticks & Stones Music

Chasm offer a lively assortment of rhythmic tunes that are sure to keep your feet tapping, or your body bouncing in time to the beat.

With a light jazz feel and an almost minimum number of instruments, Bamboo Blues evokes visions of a dimly-lit Mediterranean night club where the songs seem both controlled, and yet improvised.

96 Coconuts almost has a Beatle-ish pop-style to it; Now What? answers its own question with a rollicking, driving rhythm; and A Balance Of Extremes adds a slice of vocals to an already-delightful mix.

Sit back with a drink or three, relax, and enjoy this new musical set by Chasm which, I'm sure you'll agree, even at fifty-three and a half minutes, will seem far too short.

1 Bamboo Blues
2 Close To Earth
3 Potamus Walk
4 Orangutan Tango
5 Soothsayer Swing
6 Andy Goes To Havana
7 96 Coconuts
8 Laguna De Luna
9 Now What?
10 Spice Island
11 A Balance Of Extremes