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Ken Kaufman
Ken Kaufman

It was love at first sight -- Ken Kaufman and the Japanese piano that had no wrong notes -- and, indeed, the love affair between Ken and this special piano exhibits itself in a plethora of popular musical numbers done in a very light jazz style.

Sprightly, uplifting, and yet relaxing at the same time, fifteen piano solos will hold the listener's ear and focus her attention on the playful, but tender way that Ken's fingers caress the keyboard, eliciting sensuous and evocative notes.

Amongst other accomplishments, Ken composed the Emmy-winning score to the TV Documentary, Birkenau Boys.

1. Have I Told You Lately
2. Misty
3. People
4. Witchcraft
5. In my Life
6. If I Fell
7. Night and Day
8. Gershwin Medley
9. Latin Medley
10. Sentimental Reasons/ Tenderly/Autumn Leaves
11. Emily
12. When You Wish Upon a Star/Over the Rainbow
13. Phantom Medley
14. Enchanted
15. Beautiful in my Eyes