Michael Woodhead


Mark Pinkus
MP Music Consulting

Thoroughly contemporary classical in execution, Breakthrough is a beautiful and melodious program of uplifting and passionate compositions. At times soft and dreamy, relaxing and comforting, at other times, dancing and energetic, Mark's piano performances create more than just music--they create a soundscape of tuneful pieces that require you to listen to the charm and unique personality of each piece.

Several nice melodies stand out--Wings of Spring, Shadows and Protection are just a few of them--but all the songs on Breakthrough are a delight to the ears and beckon the listener to hear them again and again.

1. Wings of Spring
2. Time to Feed the Birds
3. Trees
4. Will and Surrender
5. Whatever You Are
6. The Ring and the Necklace
7. Sleighride
8. Shadows
9. Je Vous Aime Tous les Deux
10. The Frog
11. The Bedroom Window
12. Va La
13. Lullaby For a Child
14. Protection
15. The Light in the Night