Nick Davis
Nick Davis Music

Beginning with the opening track, one is struck almost immediately by the neo-classical sound of the composition and arrangements of Nick's music.

Occasionally departing into a contemporary jazz sound, but utilizing orchestral instruments, like Flight to Freedom, the music has a light, bright feel to it.

Sometimes whimsical, like In My Heart, or melancholy, like Yearning, or soft and subtle like Lullaby for Madeline, the whole album is a delightful smorgasbord of interesting and eclectic pieces, each quite different, but still bound together by Nick's masterful mixing and arranging.

Some tunes evoke strange pictures, but perhaps that is my overactive imagination, which has a tendency to see things as cinematic images -- A Lover's Lament, for example, could work extremely well as a slow Gothic waltz. Return of the Brave, while not majestic sounding enough for real life, would work in an animated movie that included toy soldiers.

But then again, perhaps that is the way in which Nick paints his musical images, creating scenes in our minds which might not necessarily have been there in the first place.

Overall, a beautiful and carefully wrought album of contemporary music.

1. Forever More
2. Flight to Freedom
3. La Mamselle
4. In My Heart
5. Yearning
6. A Lover's Lament
7. Return of the Brave
8. Sojourn
9. Lullaby for Madeline
10. The Fallen