Sikh - Buddhist - Hindu
Field Recordings

Deben Bhattacharya

For those with a taste for authentic chants rather than the studio-produced, western-flavoured ones, this CD will undoubtably fit the bill.

All ten of these recordings are over thirty years old. I could not help but chuckle a little when, during In Praise of Guru Nanak, the lead singer starts to cough, then continues from where he left off -- an experience with which I, too, am familiar. At any rate, this song turns out to be a lilting folk melody.

Other selections include Evening Prayer in the Main Buddhist Temple of Sarnath, chanted by monks (whilst, in the background, one can hear the hiss of an incense burner); a Khampti Mask Dance which represents the battle between good and evil; and In Praise of Krishna, a devotional song featuring a lead singer joined by a chorus.

Again, this album isn't for everyone, but if you close your eyes and listen, you can imagine yourself traveling through some of India's temples, courtyards and marketplaces.

1. Morning Prayer in Golden Temple
2. In Praise of Guru Nanak
3. Evening Prayer in the Main Buddhist Temple of Sarnath
4. Jayamangala Astagatha
5. Khampti Mask Dance
6. Baul Song
7. Mira's Bhajan
8. Temple Song in Raga Basant
9. In Praise of Rama
10. In Praise of Krishna