Peter Watson Jenkins
ISBN: 978-1-84694-082-8
Past Lives, Reincarnation

Those who recall reading The Search for Bridey Murphy back in the 1950s will certainly find this a fascinating glimpse into a series of past lives.

From 1275 AD to 1978, the book traces twelve lives allegedly experienced by a woman named Christy, not only male and female incarnations, but also the different countries in which she lived, as well as the various deaths she experienced.

For the most part, the experiences are told through the question-and-answer method while under regressive hypnosis. The accounts present compelling arguments for the belief in reincarnation. As well, further elucidations of Christy's lives offer insights into our own existences and why we may, for example, undergo certain experiences, encounter certain people, and endure certain illnesses and traumas.

Following the transcriptions of the regression sessions are commentaries by both Christy and the author, elaborating and explaining some of the material just presented.

Christy's Journey is an intriguing read, culminating with four chapters on: an earlier incarnation in Rome; a look at the Akashic Records; recollections of Home (the place of the life between lives); Christy's life patterns; and some thoughts on reincarnation.

As the author states, reading this book may "change the way you look at life and the way you live your life from now on".

Indeed, it has changed mine.

(For further information on the 'life between lives', I would recommend reading Andy Tomlinson's Exploring the Eternal Soul along with Christy's Journey. Both are available from O-Books)