Dechen Shak-Dagsay
New Earth Music

The overall feeling that the listener gets from this new release is one of stillness.

Quiet music and singing, and slow melodic lines encompass spirit, soul and mind to bring an inner peace through these eight healing mantras

1: Dorje Sum Kyi Ngag - The three vajras
2: Drolmae Toepa - Praise to Tara
3: Dcham Sem Monlam - Prayer for the Great Compassion
4: Chenresi Kyi Sung Ring - Long Avalokiteshvara Mantra
5: Men-Lha Kyi Sung Ring - Long Medicine-Buddha Mantra
6: Sanghe Tsen Nga - Buddha Mantra
7: Namse Kyi Tsen Ngag - Mantra for wealth
8: Dorje Sempae Yig Gya - Long Vajara-Suttva 100-syllable mantra