Michael Woodhead


Transmission Records

Grand and majestic, quite theatrical and cinematic in its presentation, Consign to Oblivion carries the listener into a quasi-Gothic interpretation of the Mayan culture.

Almost a blending of metal music and classical, the music proves energetic and frenetic, at times almost overpowering; nevertheless, it's a provocative album, offering something different in this realm.

Songs like Mother Of Light are reminiscent of chorus numbers in musical theatre, and Simone Simons voice is ethereal and clear.

Mark Jansen, guitarist with the group, says, "This album marks Epica's growth into maturity. This is the album that I have always wanted to make. Now we've finally had the opportunity and the capacity to realize a project like this."

By the end of the album, you're almost quite literally left breathless; but this musical journey into Gothic spirituality and ruminations on life and death is well worth it.

1) Huban K'u
2) Dance of Fate
3) The Last Crusade
4) Solitary Ground
5) Blank Infinity
6) Force of the Shore
7) Quietus
8) Mother of Light
9) Trois vierges
10) Another Me
11) Consign to Oblivion