Michael Woodhead


Messages for a Better World

Carole Lynne
Weiser Books
ISBN: 978-1-57863-440-8
spiritualism, channeling

Through the mediumship of Carole Lynne, Divine Guidance offers a multitude of messages which, if followed, would hopefully help make this a better world to live. In today's difficult, and often stressful times, a noble goal indeed.

The book is divided into three sections:

1. The Early Years of Awakening - in which the author struggles with understanding and coming to terms with her gift of mediumship, and what it entails-in her case, channeling what she calls 'My Guidance'

2. The Higher Cosmic Realms - here, she presents divers but quite cohesive messages from Divine Guidance, channeled during ten major sitting sessions over a period of two years. These messages include, but are not limited to, the Oneness of Man and Spirit, and the fact that we are 'energy' beings rather than just simple 'flesh'

3. The Path Widens - Carole tells about her continued search in order to understand her abilities. This brings her into contact with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, some person initiations, the symbology of the Egyptian ankh, healing spirits, and Love

Although quite readable, this is not a book meant for a quick perusal. Much of the material is something on which the reader needs to meditate, sometimes interpret, and even implement in his or her life.

As Carole points out, a lot of times, Divine Guidance -- like Jesus -- uses parables, riddles and rhymes so that those who are ready to receive Truth will perceive it.

Echoing the words of Valentine Michael Smith in Robert A Heinlein's novel Stranger In A Strange Land, Carole Lynne postulates, "I know that you and I meet in this place regularly, and within this realm 'you and I' are not 'you and I'. We are all One. I will meet you within that Oneness".

May we all recognize that consciousness.