Bill Douglas
Featuring the Ars Nova Singers
Hearts of Space

Celtic-inspired choral and instrumental music complement the timeless poems of Robert Burns, William Blake, William Butler Yeats, and Alfred Graves as well as the original works of Bill Douglas.

Soft and gentle as an afternoon breeze, the music on this CD presents calming, but inspiring contemplative compositions created on synthesized and traditional instruments.

"My basic philosophy of music is that it can be helpful to the world. It can evoke such positive emotions as compassion, tenderness, strength, nobility, upliftedness, and joy." - Bill Douglas

1. Deep Peace (Choral Version)
2. Flow Gently, Sweet Afton
3. Piping Down The Valleys Wild
4. The Wandering Moon
5. O Earth, O Earth, Return
6. The Secret Forest
7. The Hills Of Glencar
8. Red Rose, Sad Rose
9. Return To Inishmore
10. The Voices Of Children
11. Evening Star
12. Irish Lullaby
13. Deep Peace (Reprise)