Michael Woodhead


Dechen Shak-Dagsay
Polyglobe Music

Eldest daughter of a Tibetan Lama, Dechen Shak-Dagsay chants eleven mantras designed to promote healing, and aid with relaxation and meditation.

Much like Li Xiangting's Sleeping Lotus, neither her ethereal voice, nor the music is overwhelming to a point where it becomes distracting. Rather, it becomes supportive in one's quest for inner peace.

A booklet provided with the CD offers suggestions on how to incorporate the music in one's life, and lyrics to facilitate chanting.

1. Chenresi - to discover one's sources of love and sympathy
2. Men-Lha - the medicine-Buddha mantra
3. Lobon Rinpoche - protection from negative forces
4. Dorje-Sempa - for spiritual and physical cleansing
5. Ohpa-Me - an aid to visualizing the 'pure land', or paradise
6. Tshe-Pak-Me - an invocation for the eternal energy of life
7. Dolma - an aid to the removal of all negative obstacles
8. Namgyel-Ma - to overcome obstacles and gain a longer life
9. Dcham-Pal-Yang - to improve memory and intelligence
10. Tchu-Du - to achieve harmony with the fve elements
11. Drip-Sel - to help regain clarity of vision