Michael Woodhead


A Story for a Horror Screenplay

A closed eye opens. It blinks several times, and then looks to the left.

Mirabelle Fraser is running along a rainbow-hued, interminable pathway. About her float dense clouds of blue mist. Puffing and gasping, she runs along the ramp, not knowing where she is going, or how she got there.

On her face is a look of terror.

The clouds suddenly billow about her waist and she feels a cold hand grab her ankle. Screaming, she is pulled beneath the vaporous murkiness.

She feels her clothes being ripped and torn, and she screams.

The eye peers directly ahead, and then looks upwards.

A keen guillotine blade scintillates in the sun.

Below, a black-masked executioner holds the rope of the release-catch. He peers through the mists about him and sees a young woman being dragged towards him. He smiles in grim satisfaction.

The woman is dragged up the steps of the deadly machine and is placed face upwards upon the block.

Mirabelle Fraser looks up terrifyingly at the poised blade.

The executioner watches her as he jerks the rope.

The blade is released and swishes down. Closer and closer it comes to her and, at the last moment, she turns her head, as if trying to avoid the blade. A scream gurgles to nothing, blood spurts forth from the severed body.

A tearful eye peers forward, and then looks to the right.

Somewhere within dark mists, a coffin opens. A young man climbs out and disappears into the vagueness.

A terror-stricken Mirabelle runs through the mist. Her clothes are ripped, her face bruised.

A hand suddenly reaches out from the mist and grasps her shoulder. She turns to see a handsome man approach her. Feeling relatively secure, she allows him to embrace her.

Behind her back, his mouth opens. Sharp, pointed teeth pierce her neck.

The woman screams once and faints; then, she is picked up by the man and carried into the fog.

The mists flow over them and they are lost.

Mirabelle, clothed in a long flowing robe lies outstretched upon a block of stone. Her arms and legs are bound by ropes.

She looks about and notices three other women hanging nearby. On their clothing, large bloodstains are smeared across their breasts. Their eyes stare unseeing into her.

A noise nearby causes her to look elsewhere. She observes a mallet and stake poised in mid-air. She now understands and begins to scream. However, her screaming does not stop her inevitable destiny. For, her teeth are now pointed and, being a vampire, she must die.

The stake is held over her heart and the mallet thrusts downwards. There is another scream of pain as the peg plunges into Mirabelle's body.

Blood spurts forth in gushes and stains her white gown.

The eye peers ahead as a tear begins to fall.

The eye belongs to Mirabelle Fraser whose head lies in the basket below the guillotine.

The tear rolls down her cheek and drops into the mass of gore at her neck.