Dungeon of Doom - A 1st Level AD&D Adventure by MICHAEL WOODHEAD

Copyright 2012 by Michael Woodhead under the Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/)



Ravaged by a debilitating illness, a half-mad 5th level wizard named Arkimedes can only remember how to teleport, and has created what he likes to call the Dungeon of Doom. He challenges various adventurers passing through to complete the obstacle course he's created in return for wealthy prizes. However, what starts out as a simple test of the PCs' skills soon turns into a deadly competition that could very well lead to their deaths.



The primary goal of the PCs is to escape from the Dungeon of Doom alive.



(Teleported in by Arkimedes)

1 1 giant beetle

5 2d10 giant spiders

2 2d12 centipedes

6 1 giant scorpion

3 1d4 fungi

7 2d20 giant ants

4 1d10 giant rats

8 1d4 giant worms


NOTE: the game is predicated on the fact that the PCs will accept the offer to take the obstacle course. If they refuse, the portcullis at the entrance will slam shut and automatically lock. Arkimedes proclaims, "Then you'll never get out of here alive!", and then teleports away. He sends wandering monsters to each room the PCs subsequently enter in their quest to escape.



C = concealed door

S = secret door

X = trap





(Map created with Dungeon Maker)

1. ENTRANCE [15x15 feet; open portcullis north; locked secret stone door east; open wooden door west] A sign on the south wall reads, "Are You Really As Good

As You Think You Are? Then, It's Time To TEST YOUR METTLE! Challenge Your Teammates, Challenge Yourself, Human or Gnome, Halfling or Elf, Dwarf or Half-Elven, No Matter Your Race, Meet All the Challenges and Win or Lose Face. Prizes for the winners"


2. ROOM [15x15 feet; open wooden door east; closed wooden door west; stone tables north and south] Arkimedes welcomes the PCs and encourages them to participate in the Test Your Mettle challenge, especially with the 1000 GP prize money at stake. If the PCs agree, he motions them to go through the west door.


3. ARCHERY CONTEST [15x100 feet; targets at 50,75, and 100 feet; open wooden door southeast] Bows and arrows lie ready to be used. Each PC has three turns, once for each target, using percentile dice: 1st Target AC 9, 2nd Target AC 5, 3rd Target AC 1 PRIZE: +1 Bow


4. AXE-THROWING CONTEST [15x25 feet; unlocked wooden door north; targets at 25 feet] Target AC 7 PRIZE: +1 Axe of Hurling


5. HOLD YER BREATH CONTEST [15x15 feet; 5 x 10 foot deep pool in center] A Gem of Healing (+2 to Hit Points when held) glitters at the bottom. PCs try to reach it without disturbing an electric eel. PC gets one chance and must make a successful Constitution check or else the eel attacks


6. SWIMMING CONTEST [15x45 feet; long pool--5x35 feet, 10 feet deep] See PH 120-121 PRIZE: Helm of Underwater Action


7. MIRROR ROOM [15x15 feet; mirror on east wall; concealed stone door east behind mirror] Upon entering, PCs will see themselves reflected in a Mirror of Opposition. The images then become dopplegangers who step out of the mirror. The PCs must virtually fight themselves with whatever weapons are available, or grapple hand-to-hand if none are carried. If any PC is beaten, he is sucked into the mirror and the doppleganger takes his place (played by the PC). However, the doppleganger becomes a mirror image of the original PC--for example, if the PC is right-handed, he now becomes left-handed.


8. PIT OF PERIL [30x30 feet; 10 feet down stairs from north door; 3 cages southwest; trapped wooden door south] Stepping on the square at the bottom of the stairs releases 2d4 rats from one of the cages. After one round, 2d4 goblins are released, and after a further round, 2d4 orcs are released from the cages. The creatures attack the PCs.


9. TREASURE ROOM [20x30 feet; pile of treasure along south wall; wooden door north; locked wooden door south; 5x10 foot drop pit trap in front of door] PCs peering through the door from the Pit of Peril will see the south wall lined with various treasures (DM's choice of what kind and how much). Within the pile of treasure will be two identical chests--one real, the other, a Mimic. First PC into the room will trigger a pit trap 10 feet deep with spikes on the bottom.


10. ROOM [20x30 feet; wooden door north; stone door east; empty] Check for Wandering Monster(s) before PCs enter


11. CORRIDORS [5 feet wide] As soon as PCs are through the door, it slams shut behind them. Water begins pouring it from the end of the corridor. In the water are 2d6 leeches which attach themselves to 1d4 randomly-chosen PCs. A trigger just south of the trap opens up a pit. Any PC sliding into the pit will become entangled in strangleweed. Check for Wandering Monsters.


12. ROOM [15x15 feet; two sarcophagi, east and west] Stairs lead up to this room. If the PCs open the sarcophagi, they will find two giant centipedes in one of them. They attack the PCs


13. CORRIDORS [5 feet wide] Check for Wandering Monsters. Stepping on the trap releases noxious fumes for 1d8 turns

First published in & Magazine - Issue Number 8 - Spring 2014