Timothy Cooper
New Piano Age Music

Lovers of solo piano music can gorge themselves on this musical feast. Thirty compositions inspired by Timothy's voyages to Asia.

Timothy says, "I used the title East Wind as a poetic metaphor for the winds of change blowing from the Far East, bringing with them new sensibilities, an influx of trade and seismic global power shifts".

Short to long pieces, light and playful to 'heavy', there's enough diversity here to please the listener and keep her occupied for a good hour of just enjoying the music.

1 East Wind
2 Asian Rain
3 Green Seas
4 Silent Stream
5 Bird Flight
6 Clearing
7 Ancient Moss
8 Opening
9 Starlight
10 Bamboo Forest
11 Winter Forests
12 Holding Sway
13 The Dance
14 Morning
15 Once Was (1)
16 Once Was (2)
17 Starlight
18 Asian Rain (2)
19 Lark On Limb
20 Wonder Wall
21 Somehow
22 Circles
23 Slow Peals
24 Daylight
25 Dawn of Time
26 Before the Dawn
27 Summer Shimmers
28 Eulogy
29 Always Sorrows
30 Flames in the Wind