Michael Woodhead


Phil Thornton
New World Music
1986 / 2006

Originally released in 1986, Edge of Dreams was one of the first albums I heard that really got me turned on to New Age music, even though the term now encompasses a vast array of divergent styles.

Nevertheless, the sweeping soundscapes with their oftentimes other-dimensional approach excited me in such a way that I couldn't seem to get enough of this form of music. It was as if I had heard something for which I'd been searching a long time.

Holding true to its title, the album escorts us through musically variegated ambient dreamworlds, creating an almost timeless but relaxing environment with an assortment of divers instruments, natural and electronic.

The thing that amazes me about this type of music is that I never get tired of listening to it; it never becomes boring, and it never seems to date itself. Even twenty years later, the music is still just as fresh and heart-stirring as it was when I first relished its modulations.

Twenty years from now, I will still enjoy it.

1. Inside
2. Outside