Tales of the Uninvited

Prikosnovénie Music

The third in a trilogy of musical and vocal compositions based on the parallel world of the Faeries, and this album in particular on the language of the Laoris, or modern faeries.

Composer Anton Brejestovski has done a marvellous job of creating the world of Fae although, to be honest, there is a sense of etherealness missing which, I believe, is often associated with the faerielands.

In spite of polyphonic arrangements, intricate harmonies and time signatures, the whole work still seems to sound like medieval England. But, none of this detracts from the quaintness of it, and Inna Brejestovskaya's voice gives the songs a delicate beauty.

All in all, still worth a listen.

1. Enter Laoris
2. Minstrels of Old
3. Yesterday You Danced With Me
4. Black Flower
5. Two Faeries
6. Bog Dance
7. The Court of Faerie
8. The Forest
9. Summer Night
10. Faeries Stole Bridget
11. Exit Laoris
12. Maple