Real Music

Another beautiful album from Pamela and Randy Copus, this time inspired by the legend of Savitri and Satyvan, as told by Sri Aurobindo -- in which a choice must be made either to choose the way that we know, and have gone down for years, or to choose another path to the unknown, the Emerald Way.

Lush walls of music pervade this CD, punctuated with solo instruments and voices, all creating the unique sound of 2002.

Especially beautiful are the male-female vocal reverberated blending on Remember Now, and the almost cinematic luxuriousness of Secret Shores. Piano, flute, guitar, harp, strings and chimes all combine to create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility

1. Inner Light
2. Another Answer Came
3. Remember Now
4. The Emerald Way
5. Overheard In A Dream
6. Soul Doors
7. Unopened Flower
8. Timeless
9. Traveler Winds
10. Secret Shores