(with John Deere)
New Earth Records

Cybertribe returns with a new selection of rhythmic fusion tunes ideal for energizing a weary soul, uplifting a fallen spirit, and seducing a body to the dance floor. Lots of synthesized sounds blend easily with natural instruments ( didgeridoo, flutes, piano) and human voices to delight the ear, and carry the imagination to other times and dimensions.

Several tunes intrigued me -- Poseidon's Gate, although a reference to Greek mythology, has a deceptive Native American sound; Forces of Nature brings together the voice of a baby within a wall of electronic sound, perhaps a visionary glimpse of the joining of human and computer intelligence; and Fairie Mountains brings the world of Fae into the future of electronica, but somehow loses the enchantment of that former world.

Nevertheless, all in all, another delightful presentation from a talented composer.

1. To the Moon
2. Corridor of Dreams
3. Poseidon's Gate
4. Autumn Spirit
5. Passage To India
6. Forces of Nature
7. Fairie Mountains
8. Cascade of Light