Michael Woodhead


Andy Tomlinson
ISBN: 1-978-1-84694-069-9
Past Lives, Reincarnation

Rather than focusing on past lives, this book looks at the 'life between lives', the spirit world, or the 'light realm', as experienced through regressive hypnosis by several different individuals (from Europe rather than North America). All the subjects had varying degrees of knowledge about the interlife from having heard about it to no knowledge at all.

The chapters cover a variety of different aspects about the interlife: moving towards the light after death, becoming whole, reviewing past lives, soul groups, specialist activities, planning the next life, the influence of karma, and returning to the new incarnation.

What I find amazing is the similarity in the narratives related by the subjects, some environments varying only because of the different personalities and previous experiences.

Two things that impacted me while reading this book: the power of our thoughts to create something from nothing (or rather, energy since, if I remember correctly from physics, nothing is destroyed, it merely changes its form); and the necessity and power of meditation.

Ever since the search for Bridey Murphy in the 1950s, more and more research into past lives and in between lives has been done, with often similar and surprising results. The author makes note of several of these while recounting his own research.

Exploring the Eternal Soul is only a part of that total body of research, but for those seeking proof of life after and beyond Death, there are some convincing accounts offered therein.

Spirit guides, soul mates, libraries and life books, healing, energy -- these and more are examined and discussed through these "insights from the life between lives"