(Fiona Joy Hawkins, Lawrence Blatt, Jeff Oster, Will Ackerman)
LMB Music

From the opening chords of Fiona's piano, FLOW gradually draws the listener in to a peaceful ambiance of melodious music as the other three musicians on guitar, ukulele, trumpet, and flugelhorn gradually join her.

Not only is the album title an acronym of their names, but the music itself flows lightly and delicately like gentle waves of sound. Each performer presents an individual sound and style, and yet all four blend seamlessly as a single musical entity to present instrumentals representative of today's new age genre.

FLOW is a very passionate presentation by four creative musicians.

1 Arrival
2 Whisper Me This
3 Waiting for Sunshine
4 Flow
5 Free Ascent
6 Waters Gather
7 And the Sky Was
8 A Night in Nocelle
9 Tenth Life
10 Rest Now My Friend
11 For Rosita and Giovanni