Michael Woodhead


Ann Licater
Cul de Sac Mystic Productions

Flute music, to me, has alway been very haunting in its sound. The wood and clay flutes on these selections are no exception.

Plaintive and sonorous, these Native American and World flutes call out from an ageless time and a seemingly vast expanse of emptiness, expressing a wide range of emotions, and touching a myriad of senses in the listener.

Sometimes Ann plays the instruments individually, and at other times, in harmony or counterpoint or with harmonics; but in whichever manner she's chosen to perform, the sounds and the music of these original tunes and improvisations reach into the soul and resonate with the listener's inner feelings, creativity, and intuition.

Let these expressive compositions transport you to a deeper rendezvous with your soul and spirit.

1. Following the Call
2. Numinous Gateway
3. Spirit Dance
4. Ancient Echoes
5. Sacred Moon
6. Unfolding Mystery
7. Wind and Butterfly
8. Three Graces
9. Mystic Messenger
10. Dream Time
11. Initiation
12. Beloved
13. Winged Prayer
14. Emergence
15. Old Soul
16. Full Circle