Chandi Devi & J Ram Sivananda
ISBN: 978-1-4343-4960-6
Tantra, Sexuality, Spirituality

Tantra involves more than just sex, and this 'primer' explains so much more of the spiritual, psychological, moral, and physical reasoning behind it.

Utilizing a multitude of charts, photographs, and illustrations, the authors demonstrate how Tantra works, and what various elements of it correspond to or mean.

As they draw on both ancient and modern resources, the authors explain and expound on such concepts as life energy, the chakras, yin and yang, karma, love, intimacy, the Tantric secret to manifestation, sexual union, worship, just to name a few of the topics related to this ages-old art of spiritual sexuality.

Also included are some suggested practice sessions for individuals and couples, and some 'quick Tantra tips' which take five minutes or less to complete.

Overall, this is an excellent introduction to a highly misunderstood life path. Explanations of various concepts abound and, although better suited for couples, the information presented is more than adequate for individuals as well, offering wisdom regarding significant others -- "the partner we select should share our basic philosophy of life, possess interests, energy and passions similar to our own, and have a capacity for spiritual growth, mental expansion, and emotional development".

Certainly, advice we could all use from an early age.

Also included is an interesting chart that contrasts Western thought and Eastern teachings -- i.e. Western religion and Eastern spirituality.

If you're curious at all about Tantric philosophy, then this book is for you. Not unlike the wizard, Solomon Magus, in my novel, Wizard Of Vasuda, you, too, may discover the path to Bliss.