Michael Woodhead


The Secrets Beyond the Final Journey,
from the Egyptian Underworld
to the Gates in the Sky

Philip Gardiner
New Page Books
ISBN-10: 1-56414-925-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-56414-925-1
Eschatology, Spirituality, Parapsychology

The basic theme of this fascinating look at life after death is the joining of ancient mythology with modern science.

Although ethnically different, the author explains, the basic ritual structures for passing from this world to the next are the same.

Beginning with prehistory, Gateways to the Otherworld travels through Time to reveal the inter-relatedness of various symbols, rituals, intermediaries, beliefs, and writings -- Egyptian, Judaic, Christian, Native American, Chinese, Babylonian, etc.

The guide to and through the Otherworld is the Shaman, although he is also known by many other names -- priest, Shining One, vidya, witch, and others; again, all basically linked by the ability to leave this world (either through drugs or other physical or metaphysical means), enter the Otherworld, and then return.

Philip Gardiner's quest for Truth delves into many areas of esoterica such as the serpent and Mother Goddess myths, faeries, and the Masons and Templars. Moreover, in keeping with the theme, he also looks at various aspects of science -- energy, electromagnetism, the pyramids, memory, and other facets of humanity, all in hopes of having one explain the other.

Gardiner gives some very convincing arguments, even if the reader does not want to believe everything he proclaims. Nevertheless, there much here to help others who are seeking the Truth to think beyond just what we see with our eyes; to look behind the fables and legends of old, and to peer beneath the outer manifestations of modern science in order to uncover "the secrets beyond the final journey, from the Egyptian underworld to the gates in the sky".