Unto Ashes
Projekt Records

Michael Laird, Natalia Lincoln, and Mariko comprise the main ingredients of Unto Ashes, an ethereal, dirge-like group that has some very impressive songs and presentations.

The delicate vocals of the two women complement those of Michael and, although overall there isn't a lot of diversity in the music, nevertheless Grave Blessings does offer a penumbric atmosphere of melancholia.

From the folk song styled Four Loom Weaver to the more world-flavoured Fruhling, there are some enchanting musical pieces to which to listen.

1. Tous Esforciez
2. Winter Born
3. Tortured By Rose Thorns
4. In Memory Of D'Drennan
5. Emptiness
6. The Turning
7. Three Haiku
8. The Drowning Man
9. If I Come To You
10. Lesson
11. Four More Years
12. Four Loom Weaver
13. Way Of The World
14. Fruhling
15. Banishment Spell