Michael Woodhead


The Spiritual and Musical Journey
of George Harrison

Joshua M Greene
John Wiley & Sons, Inc
Biography, Music, Spirituality

Overall, this is more a look at the spiritual quest of George Harrison rather than the musical.

To be sure, the author relates several anecdotes behind some of the lyrics and music, but most of the book centers on George's consuming, and almost desperate need for God.

I can relate; at the time George was searching, I was going through a similar situation -- feeling that I was on a different path than everyone else, but still desiring to be loved and wanted.

For George, his search begins in earnest after he meets Ravi Shankar, a search that soon develops into a lifelong passion for meditation, chanting, and Krishna, and a desire to share with others what he has found.

Even in his last years, a mellower George still clung to his spiritual ideals and was "ready to go" when cancer claimed him.