Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1968, 2019

Upon the night-wind blowing
I hear a death-filled sigh
From someone lost and wand'ring
Someone about to die

I pass between the willows
And weep as I defy
The portals of the DeathRoom
The end of Life is nigh

Within the sobre blackness
I hear a shrill, high call
It summons me to wander
Within a hallowed hall

I enter, then, to blackness
Upon the floor I sprawl
My ears perceive a cry
Which makes my skin, now, crawl

I see within the blackness
A pair of glowing lights
They travel closer to me
I see in the moonlight

A man who is a woman
Endowed with second-sight
For, standing there before me--
A nude hermaphrodite