Gregory K Popcak
The Crossroad Publishing Company
ISBN: 978-0-8245-2471-5
Sexuality, Christianity, Catholicism

"Can you do it...as a Christian?"

Although written primarily for Catholics, this book is certainly not just for Catholics. Any Christian interested in the correlation between spirituality and sexuality will benefit from reading it and, possibly, following some of the suggestions offered.

Popcak approaches the subject matter with humour and, occasionally, somewhat of a flippant attitude, but not sacrilegious, and not enough to make us lose sight of the seriousness of it.

For example, when writing about so-called 'high church gnostics' and their dim view of the body, he writes that they punished it "with extreme fasting, strict abstinence, and harsh sexual continence. These people weren't invited to a lot of parties."

"Sex is holy," he writes elsewhere, "but not in the 'touch and die' sense of holiness. It is holy in the sense that it is the most complete and intimate way one divinized human person can give himself or herself to another divinized human person. Sex is holy because you are holy. God came to make it so."

Through the rest of the book, Popcak offers us a guide to "toe-curling, mind-blowing, infallible loving".

As I previously noted, even though the book presents a Catholic viewpoint on sexuality, nevertheless there's excellent information and valid arguments for any single person or couples concerned about contraception, natural family planning, foreplay and intercourse, as well as sexual problems and addictions.

Also included are some enlightening quizzes (your Holy Sex Quotient, for one) on various facets of sex and sensuality.

Drawing on scripture references, case studies, and various church edicts and the writings of past popes and saints (and other informed people), Popcak creates an informal, informative and entertaining look at sex and spirituality that's sure to give guidance to some and, possibly, infuriate others. Whichever stance you take, it's well worth a read.